Loop in the rows ?

Hi everyone :)

I 'am trying to create customer trend analise system for all metric combination. 

I will explain what is the metric combination first.

i have a customer segmentation values and their demographic informations (age, job, etc..)  i use the full outer joın for create all possibilities them  and i put a ID value for each uniqe group. as a result , I have a table for all metric combinations like that,

CustomerID    MetricID   ProductList

1123132             1             [100,101,102]         MetricID =1  is  rich customer segment , engineer, upper 35 years old

1232131             1             [100,104]                 MetricID=2   is  rich customer segment , teacher , upper 35 years old

1231233             1             [100]                         MetricID=3   is low customer segment ,engineer , upper 35 years old

2232313             2             [101,102]                 .....

2131233             2             [100,105]



As you can realise when i add new attiributes in the system, metric list will be increase. 

Now Here is my question :)   I want to add  a   flexibility to my workflow. You can find my old system in workflow.png image. Can i convert that  a new way  using loop components.?


Can i filter each metricID and put that filtered result to Association Rule learner , write results database with metricID and do that with next metricID?

Can anyone help me about this matter? i found loop node for turn columns but i can not find a loop node for turn rows.

Or any another advice ?

İ found my answer,

İ used group loop start node and after that, Association rule lerner to loop end node.


Hi Bugra,

great this works for you. Let me know if you need anything else.

Best, Iris