Loop start and end nodes are not in the same workflow

Hi Knime,

it seems to be impossible to devide a loop into seperate metanodes (the start part in the one half, the end part in the other). Knime complains: "Loop start and end nodes are not in the same workflow".

I have the need to devide a loop to save the start and end part in different templates so only the middle part shall be changing. Like the X-Partitioner/Aggregator are designed, where the specific learner is interchangable in between them.


as far as I know starting a loop in one metanode and ending it in another one is not possible. Is it an option for you to save the whole loop in a metanode and automate the changing part via workflow control nodes? If not you could still save the whole loop as a template in one metanode and if you have to change the part between loop start and end you can just unlink the metanode from the template. I'm afraid these are your only options. Hope that helps.