Loop through Table and perform validation based on values in Column

Hi All could you assist by providing insight into the best method to loop through a table and perform certain validations based on values per column.

As seen in the image i need to loop through the table Column (IssuerISIN_transformed) and if Column payment is = 1 and Set-up is = 1 and Cancel = 0 then assign a value of Keep.
Else if payment = 1 and Setup = 0 and Cancel is = 1 then Discard


Hi @Miguel_n11 -

You could do this with a Rule Engine node. The expression might look something like this:

$Payment$ = 1 AND $Setup$ = 1 AND $Cancel$ = 0 => "Keep"
$Payment$ = 1 AND $Setup$ = 0 AND $Cancel$ = 1 => "Discard"

You could also use a Column Expressions node as well.


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