Loop through table rows

I have a list of URLs in a table.
All of them needs to be checked whether the URL still exists.
Using the GET-REQUEST node https://nodepit.com/node/org.knime.rest.nodes.get.RestGetNodeFactory helps me to do this job for a single URL.
So I would like to create a loop over the table (rows).
Up to now I did not find a way of passing the table as “loop parameter” to the GET-REQUEST node.
How can I loop over my table of URL to check each of them with the GET-REQUEST?

Hi @knimediger -

How about the Table Row to Variable Loop Start Node?



Thanks for your hint.
I found the solution in this blog https://www.knime.com/blog/a-restful-way-to-find-and-retrieve-data
The GET-REQUEST node does the full job. You can simply hand over a column in the URL-column parameter. And the node loops over the full list.


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