Loop through the model to output results via Excel Appender

Currently, my workflow is able to read each excel files in the folder and through the random forest generator. However when I connect the loop end with the scorer and export to a sheet by appending (via iteration number), I get 9 results instead of 3 results. I do not understand why it produces 9 iterations when there is only 3 files. Could you please help me output the results in the targeted results format.

Targeted results:
Targeted Results.xlsx (10.7 KB)

My workflow produces the following results:
Loop.xlsx (12.0 KB)

Hi @miss_rl and welcome to KNIME forum

I took a look at your workflow. To make your wf work , “technical-speaking” remove the X-Partioner node, and add a Variable Loop End node to the EXCEL Sheet Appender (XLS) node. This will give you the statistics for every file.
gr. Hans

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Dear @HansS ,
Thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:
It didn’t work as it loop through the modelling.

The results were the same for 2 sheets and only 2 iteration when there is 3 files. Do you have any idea what is wrong with it?

Hi @miss_rl

I attached the wf that loops (“works on my machine”) over the 3 files and creates an xls file with 3 different sheets.
HS_NUS_FYPV5 -V2 Random Forest File by File.knwf (60.8 KB) . Be sure you that in the Excel Reader configuration, the Select File to Read is controlled by the flowvariable “Location”. Hope this helps.
gr. Hans


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