Loop through value selection (quickform)

Hi there,

so I got a question concerning the value selection (quickform). I have a table with 3 columns:

"Class" - contains the name of the variable

"Timestamp" - contains a double value

"value" - contains an integer value

There are several hundreds rows and let's say 6 different "Classes". So now i used the value selection quickform to filter the table for one specific class name with corresponding timestamps and values.

This data will be processed in the later workflow, which can only process one class at a time. So at the moment I have to manually select the classname every time.

Is there some possibility for a loop, that automatically selects the different classses after an iteration of the workflow?


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I figured it out myself and was able to create a solution with the "Table Row To Variable Loop" :-)

Hi Javaneer,

in case you want to know more about loops, you can find a tutorial here: https://www.knime.com/wiki/looping-in-knime

Best wishes, Iris