Loop to split and rows into chunks for sub-flow based on a condition


Does anyone know of a way to split a table into chunks based on a condition? Something like a cross between the chunk loop node and a rule-based filter/splitter.

Image 2

The image is a sample of the table from a vehicle tracking data set that was extracted from PDF documents. I want to split a chunk every time a row meets the condition “Parked*”. My initial approach was to use the chunk loop but the row count varies so the fixed row count value of the loop node does not work in this case.

In this sample, I would end up with 4 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows and then 4 rows again.

The purpose is to transpose each chunk into a single row and then do some data extraction and statistics on each “parked” period.

This sample is included in the attached file: Body.xlsx (13.0 KB)



Hi @TigerCole

See this wf loop_to_split.knwf (48.2 KB) how to create the chunks / groups based on different number of rows per chunck (parked).

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS

Thanks very much … works like a charm.



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