Loop within a loop

Hi guys,

is there the possibility to achieve something like this?

I have a table with data generated by a network traffic simulator,each row has a label identifing the stream(such as 0001,0002...),a packet id,timestamps and some ad hoc binning value generated elaboration. I have to calculate the number of missing packets in each binning and for each stream. So i want to create a double loop that at first filter row according to the label of the stream,then filter row according to the binning value but at this step i have also to retrieve those rows whose binning value is the following to the one already extracted.

Could you please help me solving that problem?

Thanks in advance.

It's not that clear to me from the description why you need to loop -  once you have created labels for the binnings and the streams, then is it possible to use the GroupBy nodes to count?