Looping table rows to write individual files - revisited


I found a topic in 2015 that enable individual files to be created from a set of rows using a Java Snippet. Is there a way to just use Knime’s built-in operators/nodes to loop over a set of rows and output individual text files (based on the content of these rows)?

If you want to change file name according row values you can use “Table Row To Variable Loop Node” to cycle over the rows.
For every step loop set a variable with all rows values so you can use them as flow variable to overwrite filename in file writer.

If you want change file content according to row values, you can

use “Table Row To Variable Loop Node” and use row values as Flow Variable


use Chunk Loop Start if you want data as data and not as Flow Variable

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Hi @CobusSmit

Here is an example how this can be done

and here is one which is part of our courses:


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