looping through XLS files

Hi, I have several .xls files that have column “product ID” and other columns. I am trying to create a list of all of the product numbers from all of the different .xls files. I’ve used:

list files -> table row to variable loop start -> excel reader (XLS)

I have an error “Execute fail: table created from file “B.xls” has different structure than previously read file”. How can I fix this? The 2 files are structurally identical.

Maybe there is an empty (hidden) column … try to select “Skip empty (hidden) columns” in the “More Options” section of the node configuration


Hi there @callamari,

If that is the message you got then they are probably not identical.

See this topic:

Additionally you can share your files if not confidential and someone will take a look.



Thanks all!! I got it figured out. The files were identical as I duplicate them but changed the data. Turns out I needed to change the flow setting to URL instead of Local file system. Thanks all for helping!

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Glad you figured it out @callamari!

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