Looping URLs into Line Reader


I'm using Line Reader to get some JSON data from certain API. I have thousands of those URLs in csv file and I would like to use looping to get all data automatically. I'm new with Knime so I don't know well it's logic. I have used Table Row To Variable Loop but I don't know how I should configure Line Reader that it would use unique URL in every loop.




can you provide me/us withone or two of these URLs?


Configuration of the Line Reader node is pretty simple:

You can use the small button next to the Browse... button and choose the variable containing the URL. Please note that you have to enter one (valid) URL into the URL field before choosing the variable.


Thanks for the tips. I needed to enter one valid url first. BUT I got error below when executing from LOOP END. I'm sorry but I can't share urls. Looping otherwise seems to work. I just don't understand why I get this error.


ERROR Loop End             0:11       Execute failed: ("ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"): 139

Problem solved. I used JSON reader instead Line Reader.