Looping with ANOVA

Hey everybody,

my problem is about Loops in KNIME.I want to run a one-way ANOVA across all columns of a table and save the results in a new table.
Now I’m looking for a loop that always changes the grouping column, but leaves the test columns the same. Unfortunately, I did not get any further with the Column List Loop.

Is there a possibility to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!

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If you provide a sample dataset and a bit more explanation, I guess I can help you.


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Hi @MarcoK!

Sure there is solution for this and you were right to go with Column List Loop Start node. In it you need to define which columns are looping columns i.e. your group columns in ANOVA. In one-way ANOVA node you control your Grouping column with flow variable currentColumnName created from Column List Loop Start node. To set flow variable you need to go to Flow Variables tab and select above mentioned variable. The flow variable is created automatically with Column List Loop Start node and in each iteration changes name. At the end you just need Loop End node to collect results. I have created a workflow example so check it out and if any questions feel free to ask.


2019_01_15_ANOVA.knwf (18.8 KB)



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