Loops and metanodes

It seems that sometimes collapsing complicated work-flow into a metanode inside a loop structure confused knime and cause the loop to stop. Has anybody have the same experience?


I'm not sure if this is the same as what I have experienced, but since KNIME 2.3, I have seen that on occassions when you run the workflow, the Loops stop part way through, they stop at the Loop End node on a random iteration cycle. The Loops dont fail anywhere, they just stop as if they have been paused. Simply clicking the run workflow button again continues the workflow to completion.

I have noticed this seems to occur more regularly when I am using Schoridinger nodes, but this may be coincidence. It does also occur with regular nodes.

I am using KNIME 2.4.2 and have still observed this. I cannot pinpoint what causes this to happen. For me it happens even when not in a metanode.

Has anyone else observed this,