loops: I am not seeing the "Flow Variables" tab

Hi, I am using KNIME v2.0.3.0021120 SDK and I have added -Dknime.expert.mode=true to ecliplse.ini. I am still not seeing the "Flow Variables" tab in the configuration of a node. I have four entries under Meta: Featuer elimination, Iterate List of Files, Loop x-times, and X-Validatation. How can I iterate over parameters? Also, I have non-numerical parameters I would like to iterate through, e.g. file names, but also other parameters. How would I do this? Thanks, Bernd das Brot

Hi Bernd,
If you are using the KNIME SDK version, you have to enter this property within your Eclipse run-configuration tab “Arguments”, option “VM arguments”. Then you should get a number of additional nodes in the Misc category and a the Support category, as well as the Flow Variables tab within the node dialogs.
The most common way is to use the Variable Loop (Data) node to put a set of parameters (from a KNIME DataTable) onto a data stream. These variables can then be used inside this meta node in all node dialog tabs “Flow Variables”.
Best, Thomas

do you have example workflows for that?

Hi Bernd, I have attached a example flow that shows a Row Filter embedded with a loop. The first input contains a column ALPHABET which is filtered against a number of selected letters. Have a look into the Row Filter dialog tab “Flow Variables” to see the selected FILTER variable.
Best, Thomas

Great! Thanks so much!
I am on the brink of developing sample workflows for all/many of the nodes. Would it be possible to collaborate on that?