Lower and Upper Outliers

Hi everyone I am trying to filter some outliers but, the methods used just filter the upper outliers. The data is very simple and I know that my outlier selection is subjetive.


I am also attaching my attempts

Upper and Lower Bound Outlier.knwf (39.3 KB)

Hi, in your example the first Quantil (0.25) is part of the “lower Outliers”. Even you set the k = 0 in the numeric outlier detection, the numbers 5 and 6 are not defined as outliers.
So, what you define as lower outliers are no outliers according to a “statistic theory”.

In your case you should use a k-medoids cluster nodeforum_outlier.knwf (16.6 KB)
with k=3 (number of clusters) and define cluster 1 as lower and cluster 3 as upper outliers (sorting the number ASC).

_ Tommy



Thank you Tommy excelent approach

Best regards


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