Lower Bound / Upper Bound not updated


My workflow is following:

read 1000 molecules -> calculate descriptors (eg logP) -> join with another data resulting in 100 molecules.

The lower and upper bonds for 1000 compounds for logP are following:


Lower Bound -83.6667999999998
Upper Bound 24.570500000000028


The same is indicated by statistics node:

Minimum -83.6667999999998
Maximum 24.570500000000028


This is ok. But after joining and getting 100 compounds, statistics node indicates:


Minimum -0.8194999999999975


which is OK, but table details still has "old" (broad) min/max values:


Lower Bound -83.6667999999998
Upper Bound 24.570500000000028

This results for example in impropper borders assigment in radar plot (which stills get "old" borders).


best wishes, Filip


BTW: It is really hard to use this forum post editor, which seems to be wyswig, but without HTML knowledge is difficult to do any formatting...

Hi Filip,

The bounds, possible values are not updated by all nodes (especially if the old bounds still hold), you need to use the Domain Calculator to update them. The cause might be to have comparable results after filtering I guess.

Cheers, gabor

PS.: I agree about the forum. (Also when using links it asks for CATCHPA, which is ok to prevent spamming, but it also prevents my linking habit.)