LSTM save.model using python script not working

Got stuck

Python Script Node:…its a lstm model…)
from keras.models import load_model
output_object_1 =‘my_model’,save_format=‘h5’)

python script node to -----> model writer node (’…h5’

its not working while loading the model with keras network reader + i tried to open the saved h5 model, its empty no values… kindly correct me how to carry this////////

Hi @rupakroy -

(No need to pose this question in multiple threads, we can work on the problem here :slight_smile: )

Can you try using the DL Python Network Creator node instead of the Python Script node? Then downstream from that, you might try a Keras Network Writer instead of the Model Writer.

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@rupakroy maybe you could check out this entry. I tried to set up a working Conda environment propagation specific for the needs of Keras and Tensorflow 2. It does work with MacOS and the Keras part also on Windows (I had trouble installing TF2).