Machine Learning Meta Collection (with KNIME)

Machine Learning Meta Collection (with KNIME) This meat collection is about machine learning. It contains links to some examples demonstrating several types of machine learning mosttly with KNIME and also some links how to learn machine learning (again mostly witth KNIME). It is not a complete collection of ML methods and algorithms and far from answering all questions or covering all topics - more like a quick practical overview of some aspects; and always with a focus on Mnimal Viable Examples you could try at home. Please note these examples do not substitute for a deeper understanding of your business problems and the various -statistical- implications to consider when using such models - in other words: terms and conditions *do* apply. --------------- Learning Machine Learning (with KNIME) --------- How to learn machine learning with KNIME ----------------------------------------------------------------- Links to types of prediction models ----- 1) Models for binary classsifications - 0/1 or Yes/No Targets   Understand metrics like AUC and Gini (and use 11 Important Model Evaluation Metrics for Machine Learning Everyone should know ----- 2) Model for Multiclass Targets (and explanation of Log Loss statistics) ----- 3) Regression models (numeric Target)   Regression collection (Time Series) predict how many future visitors a restaurant will receive (with about unbalanced Targets ------------------------------------------------------------ PMML Models with scores Score Documents with multiple Classes? --------------- KNIME and ---------- models and KNIME in general simple example how to use models in a Big Data environment AutoML in KNIME for classification problems AutoML in KNIME for regression problems „Sparkling Predictions and Encoded Labels – Developing and Deploying Predictive Models on a Big Data Cluster with KNIME, Spark and“ (talk in German, slides in English) --------------- KNIME and Python ---------- use Python and KNIME to make a random forest (quick basic example) Python Installation (the very short story) Python KNIME official installation Python and Deep Learning Python and Anaconda versions / Python and Keras Not strictly a KNIME thing but very helpful books and blogs about ML and Python

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