Machine Learning

Dear Friends,

I would like to know the exact mathematical equations used by KNIME to run Naïve Bayes and SVM nodes. More specifically, I am interested to know how the parameters are used in calculating the outcome of these algorithms.

I read the associated node descriptions along with the cited papers, however, no specific details have been geiven on how KNIME nodes acutlly use these parameters in the calculations.


  • Naïve Byes has one parameter: Probability
  • (SVM) Polynomial (has three parameters)
    • Power
    • Bias
    • Gama
  • (SVM) HyperTangent (has two parameters)
    • Kappa
    • Delta
  • (SVM)  RBF (has one parameter)
    • Sigma

I appreciate any help or suggestions. Have a great day. Hussam

Dear Hussam,

please don't make duplicated threads. I forwarded your other thread to the developers.

Best regards, Iris