macOS Catalina: Cannot read from file system

On a Mac running Catalina, I can not access the file system. Example: Use an Excel Reader node and click on the “Browse …” button. I try to navigate to my Home dir’s “Desktop” folder. The Desktop contains several files, but the file browser shows none of them.

The security settings explicitly list the “Desktop” as permitted for KNIME:

When I manually copy the file system path and enter it into the node, I get the following Exception when executing the node:

ERROR Excel Reader (XLS)   0:11       Execute failed: java.nio.file.FileSystemException: /Users/…/Desktop/…/data.xlsx: Operation not permitted

Hi @qqilihq,

sounds similar to this topic: read permission error in csv reader
Can you check does steps from above mentioned topic help in your case?



Thanks @ipazin, I’ll definitely try this next time.

What also seemed to solve my issue: Drag the corresponding files which I’d like to read from the Finder to KNIME.

But tbh, I would expect that the KNIME application itself would prompt for the (least amount of required) privileges if necessary as I am used to from other native Mac apps. I (and probably other users as well) would rather avoid giving a Java application “Full Disk Access” to my computer.

Turns out that “Full Disk Access” is not necessary. As also suggested in @ipazin’s thread it seems sufficient to un-tick and re-tick the checkbox as as shown in above’s screenshot.

– Philipp



may I ask you which KNIME version you’re running? Did you freshly install KNIME or update it just before that problem occurred? Did you make any other updates to your OS just before?


I also had this issue after updating my existing installation of Knime to 4.1.3. Providing full disk access to Knime via Security & Privacy resolved the issue.



thanks for letting me know.


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