Magento oauth 1.0 API call

I need to create an API call to pull data from Magento. I have the following
Consumer Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Consumer Secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Access Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Token Secret: xxxxxxxxxxx
The API GET Request doesn’t have area for these four areas - there is a name/password, or header additions, but the header additions for ‘type’ don’t refer to any of these. Do I simply create a long URL endpoint, and enter all of these as part of the URL? ie, oauth_token=xxxxxxxx&oauth_key=xxxxxxxxxx, etc.? Is there a good resource to really understand API calls, especially from KNIME? I typically will use Supermetrics or some tool, and those are easy (just plug in the values where indicated). Thank you in advance for any insights

I built and use this for OAuth 1 signing:


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