Maintain config when updating component

Hi Folks

So recently carried out my first component update. When i tested updating a component in a workflow the node configuration resets.

This is problematic, in particular when you have many instances of the component that need updating.

is there a way to maintain node config when updating a component node from the hub?


Hi there,
as far as I am aware updating a component should never change the current configuration of the component unless the update itself is changing radically how the configurations can be inserted by the user.
In order to understand better your issue can you please let us know:

  • Which configuration nodes you used

  • Whether you added or removed any configuration node from the master component before updating the one in the workflow

  • Whether you open and closed the configuration node after the update but before execution (sometimes the component shows a wrong dialogue if the upstream workflow is not executed and if you click OK you might be changing the component configuration even if you think you are not changing anything)

  • Which KNIME Analytics Platform version you are using

  • Whether you edit the master component by unlinking it in some other workflow, editing and re-sharing it or instead by opening the shared component directly without any outside workflow being used while you are editing it.


Thanks @paolotamag - i think i know what i did wrong. Part of the update required a new config node, and i hadn’t realised the latest Knime version delivered on the Configuration edit feature, so to re-order i deleted the config nodes and re-applied…

I’ll do the update again.


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