Making a component call itself

The idea here is to make a component recursive by having it calling itself at the end. I’ve tried it, but there’s (quite unsurprisingly) a small problem : I can put a mock-up node for the self-call, develop the component, then save it and paste it to replace the mock-up node. But then, I’m not really replacing the mock-up node, just nesting it.

Any idea on how to make a component self-call ?

Hi @mpranchere,

I believe this is so far not possible (Knime Team members, correct me please if I’m wrong :wink:)

However and depending on the complexity of what you need to achieve, you could place your component within a recursive loop and reinject the data that comes out of it into your component again. I’m not saying that this is the “universal solution” but it may overcome your problem and help you to solve it. Hope this hint is of help.

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