Making labels readable on dendrogram view

The Hierarchial Clustering node has a right-click option to view and save a dendrogram. Just what I need! However, the space at the bottom of the dendrogram is too small for meaningful labels to be displayed (so most of the labels appear as dots). Zooming in does not fix the problem; zooming spaces out the nodes, but the vertical space for labels does not zoom.

Is there a way to manipulate the dendrogram view? It would be great to be able to produce a nice pdf too...



Not exactly as you described, but this might be similar to your description (it also has configurable heatmap in the way, but you can export it to SVG/PNG and cut out those if you do not like). Hmm. I should really make it more available before the closes. (BTW, it is in the HiTS experimental features.)

Cheers, gabor

Thanks. Looks helpful (assuming that the left hand column cna be expanded to show the full label). I tried to download the .jar but got an 'invalid jarfile' messge - probably some amateurish error on my part...


Hmm, installing from the update site ( should just work. There should not be invalid jars. Unsigned jars are very possible, only the extensions from KNIME, KNIME partners  or trusted (stable) extensions are correctly signed. If you trust in me (the developer) and Google hosting (I did, but probably that was a mistake), you can accept the unsigned jars.


Thanks for your reply. Not much luck, I'm afraid: Install failed becuase of missing components.


You are right. It requires the 3rd party components too:

Sorry, it's been a while since I installed it alone.