Making SUMTOTAL APIs work in KNIME

Hi, I am desperate now. I tried and tried, but cannot make it work.

What I want:
connect to those APIs from SUMTOTAL SumTotal REST API Documentation

The issue:
Authentication does not work and I always get ‘Bad Request’ responses. (A) I tried to create tokens on the fly, that I hopefully can use in later requests of my WF, or (B) tried to use the token that I got provided already and use it to make an API call.

Some background:
I got the following as the setting of the authentification

How should I set up my KNIME nodes, so that (A) I either can create the token the I can use later in an POST/GET request, or (B) I can use the fix token that I already have.

P.S. I did not find an API / GET / POST / … request documentation from KNIME that would cover some basics for this?

Thank you a lot

BTW, we earlier made it work, when we still were using the CLIENT_SECRET authentication for the SUMTOTAL API. but we need more access, so the SUMTOTAL colleagues suggested to use the AUTHORIZATION_CODE authentication.

FYI - This was our working solution till now. Doing it similar with the new authentication setting did not work yet:


GET DATA from API using the TOKEN variable


Thanks for posting your solution! APIs can be tricky sometimes can’t they?

Well, the solution I presented is only the old solution, that works for the CLIENT_CREDENTIAL setting only.

I need, but I cannot figure out the solution for AUTHENTIFICATION_CODE.

Can you help?

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your comment. Do they perhaps have some additional documentation available for the API? Does what you’re trying work in another tool, like Postman?

If you can provide some more detail maybe someone can help (probably not me, I’m not nearly as experienced in API access as some other folks here).