Managing Column Widths in a workflow via defaults settings or node settings?

I am looking for a way to manage my column widths in the “Output Table” and “Node Monitor/Output Table” windows. I find my self constantly delayed by having to manually adjust column widths with every single node selection while working on a workflow. Is there a way to use a node to set downstream column widths, or a default setting to “auto fit” the column width to the data & header? It would dramatically speed up work on my end. Thanks!

Hi @iCFO,

the following setting option in the KNIME Preferences will auto scale the column width for all output tables.



That doesn’t have any impact on auto sizing column width to data on my computers. It just appears to wrap longer headers so they are not cut off by the unadjusted column sizes.

Both the “Output Table” and the “Node Monitor - Show Output Tables” still cut off longer string data, require manual resizing, lose those resize adjustments when clicking another node or return to a node that was adjusted previously, and therefore require constant adjustment after every click to view node outputs through a workflow…

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sorry, for misunderstanding your question. I thought you were interested in seeing the full column header names, but you are right it is not actually adopting the column width.

As far as I know this is at the moment not possible. I like the idea though and will create a ticket for that. Thanks for bringing this up.



Thanks for the help. It would be a big speed boost when longer strings are involved.

I have also seen a few tickets created for the ability to select / filter / copy values directly from the “node monitor”. Right now the “Show Output Table” option of the “Node Monitor” functions more as a limited inaccessible preview. I would love to see a fully functional “Output Table” get its own view window / tab option as it has in Alteryx. This UI change would dramatically speed up workflow as well.

can you post a screenshot? How does that look like

In Alteryx it is referred to as the “Results” window. It is limited in the number of rows of data that it shows, but it provides similar interactivity to the “Output Table” in an always accessible window.

This image shows the sort / filter capabilities.

This image shows the select and copy capabilities.

It gives you instant access to output data for copy and paste into formulas and filters. However, in order for a user to get the most of an interactive “Output Table Window” a fully functional window for the “Configure” settings would be necessary as well. Currently once “Configure” is open, a user cannot simply click elsewhere to copy and then paste a value since you are limited to interacting with the “Configure” popup until the changes are accepted and closed.

The Alteryx approach of giving access to “Configure” and an interactive “Output Table” windows allows for fluid copy and paste to quickly build complex formulas and filters. Not being able to copy and paste data values in an active “Configure” window makes complex formula construction much slower.

I would actually suggest an additional “Output Table” filter option that Alteryx doesn’t include as well… Providing an option for filter unique values would allow for even easier access to all of the data value options for formula construction.

Probably not the right place for all of these ideas and feedback, but I hope it is helpful.

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I see thanks for clarifying

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I went ahead and posted this view window suggestion separately under Feedback and Ideas, as it would likely go unnoticed in this thread.

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