Manipulate attribute into a number

I have an attribute of type string data. As seen below. Because he has a name that has so many kinds. But from the whole data, some have the same name. I want to manipulate the attribute into a number. Does Knime have nodes that can help solve my problem faster?


Hi @ganieaku

What is your expected output in this case? “manipulate the attribute into a number” is somewhat vague.

Yeah. I want to manipulate the attribute into a classifiable number. Thanks for corrected @ArjenEX

Hello @ganieaku ,

if you mean that KOSONG = 1, MTS AL = 2 etc. etc. you could follow these steps:

  • use a remove duplicate filter on your row
  • then a counter generator, so that each single value is given a value
  • finally, use a joiner node to assign the numeric value to your input column.

Hope it helps.

Have a nice day,

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@ganieaku you could use the:

and convert strings to numbers and store the ‘dictionary’ to re-use it later

There are more advanced methods also


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