Manipulate strings in multi-line Excel cell

Hello, I would like to ask for support on the following:
I have a Excel Table with a column showing patent numbers as per the following example (extract with 3 rows only).
Each cell lists one or more patent numbers seperated by a β€œ| ”.

! US11595934B2 |             !
! DE112020006037T5 |         !
! JP2023505984A |            !
! US11388564B2 |             !
! US20210185491A1 |          !
! US20210306977A1 |          !
! WO2021118654A1 |           !
! WO2021202340A1             !
US11620914B1                 !
US11557834B2 |               !
EP3657289A2 |                !
EP3657289A3 |                !
EP3657289B1 |                !
IL263189A |                  !
IL263189B |                  !
SG10201910464A1 |            ! 
US20220285836A1              !

Now I want to perform a string manipulation on each single patent number per cell to harmonize the patent numbers.
I want to avoid using the split collection operation.
QUESTION: is there a way to reach the individual patent numbers in each cell and perform a string manipulation. The result of each cell operaton shall be written into a new cell.

Thank you in advance for any hints.


Hello @Wa_Berlin,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

I don’t see why not. Especially with regular expression. Have you tried it? What kind of harmonization are you doing? If it’s something complicated probably it’s easier to do the splitting, then harmonization and then back to single cell format you started from.


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