Manipulating Dates


I was wondering if there is a way in KNIME wherein you can use a flow variable to filter the range of the dates (per quarter) so before generating the report, they have to select either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter and the year. And how do I change the format of the dates to just month and year only? 



You don't need to direclty use the dates, at least not for filtering your data before sending to the report. There is a simpler way to do it.

  • Use the Date Field Extractor node to extract Year and Quarter from the date column to their own columns. 
  • Then add two quickform Integer input nodes, one for the quarter (from 1 to 4) and one for the year (say from 2010 to 2016).
  • Link the output flow variable of each quickform to the pattern field of an own Row Filter node, one on the Quarter column and one on the Year column, to filter the data according to the input.
  • Send the filtered table to your Report.

That's it. See the attached workflow.