Manipulating rows, columns and cells of a table

Dear all,

I am still grasping table manipulation techniques in KNIME, can someone point me in the right direction (which modules to use) to convert this:

Row ID Term 1 Term 2 Sentence Cooccourence
Row0 one two 4
Row1 three two 4
Row2 one three 5
Row3 four one 3
Row4 four two 3
Row5 four three 2

into this

Row ID one two three four
one   4 5 3
two 4   4 3
three 5 4   2
four 3 3 2  

which means getting all unique values in Term1 and Term2 and assign them to the first row and first collumn, and then place the corresponding number in each intersecting cell? (with reciprocity, i.e., if one-two=4, then two-one should=4 as well).

The goal of this is to convert a table exported by the term co-occourence module to a format that can be read by the Heatmap (JFreeChart) module.




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