Mapping Academic Sources

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First time posting - apologies for the noob query.

I am in the process of writing up a systematic literature review with about 400 sources. I have them all on an excel sheet (with three tabs) with author, title date and source as columns.

I cannot seem to find the exact workflow I was looking for, but would it be possible to use KNIME to display something like a map of the sources as something cool like starmap/galaxy/universe etc.?

There is a lot of surnames in the author columns, so it might be messy, ideally I"m looking for a cool visualisation to put in the bottom of the publication.


the Network Viewer can display networks in different layouts. If you cleaned up your authors you could use KNIME’s network mining extension to create a collaboration graph.
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Thanks Alexander,

Not a lot of collaboration with these authors :wink:

I suppose I was looking for a way to show the numbers of publications in each theme in a way that is creative.


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Use a Tag Cloud! The name of the the “theme” is bigger as the number of the “publications” increases. All you need is 2 columns: one with the unique terms and another one with values of each term to determine the size of the tag. Use the logarithmic scale to enhance the tag cloud when all terms look more or less of the same size.


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