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I am using KNIME labs–>OSM Map View to show some locations on maps, the default maps wrapped in are ‘Wikimedia Map, CycleMap and Bing’. I want to ask is it possible to add some other maps, such as ‘Baidu maps’? if possible, how to perform this?

Hi @zhang2020 -

I suppose if you wanted to alter the code for the node directly, this would be possible. But as it is, the three maps you listed are the only ones currently supported.

Hi @zhang2020,
When I go to Preferences > Knime > Open Street Map I see dozens of maps to choose from. When selected these become visible as options in the OSM-nodes, besides the three default ones.
I don’t see Baidu maps in the list, but maybe there is another one suitable for you.


Thanks for this - I learned something today!

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Hi Lei,

officially there are only the maps available from the preferences as @JanDuo pointed out.
However, there is a ‘hacky’ way to get the baidu-map in there too (although it has some flaws because I didn’t figure it entirely out - maybe you can adjust it a bit better).

In order to activate the baidu-map, download this file (org.knime.ext.osm.prefs.txt (472 Bytes)) into you knime-workspace at [knime-workspace]/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings and remove the trailing .txt from the file (because I wasn’t allowed to upload it here with the original extension). (Re-)Start KNIME.

Now you should be able to select the baidu map in the OSM Map View. When doing so you probably don’t see much yet. Therefore, zoom completely out and eventually you will see the map at the lower left where you can zoom right in again.

The problem here is probably a differing coordinate system or so which can maybe be adjusted for by changing the ‘tms-URL’ in the org.knime.ext.osm.prefs (note: the URL is escaped!). Maybe you are able to figure it out and share it? I wasn’t …



That’s great stuff!
I’m happy to have such a possibilty creating maps. And tons of specialised OSM maps may serve as background.

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