Market Demand Forecast

Hi everyone,
I am very new to Knime and this is my first assigned task. I want to run a market demand forecast on a 7 year dataset across three products(GASOLINE GASOIL, LPG). Secondly, i want to make a forecast for the next two years for all companies.
Kindly find attached my first attempted workflow.
KNIME_FORUMN.knwf (28.7 KB)

GASOIL-Knime forumn.xlsx (34.9 KB)

Thank you.

Hi @setor

Thanks for posting on the forum. Is there a specific question you had about KNIME or the workflow? If you’re new to KNIME it might be worth checking out the free Self-Paced Courses we offer. Specifically the L1 + L2 DS if you’re wanting to model.

If you check here you’ll see our instructor led courses. Every now and then we offer a Time Series course.


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