Match and identify non matching values

Both my tables have two columns - I need to compare each value which corresponds to the category is the same in both tables. And for the node to identify where it is now. Basically they should match but both columns need to match with one another. I’ve tried the duplicate row filter, joiner, and reference row splitter (non gave me what I need).

Your description isn’t very clear. Are you trying to compare Table 1 Column A with Table 2 Column A and the same for the second columns? It would help if you could post some sample data.

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So essentially I have a file which I upload - and then I pull the file again from system to make sure that the file was uploaded correctly and all numbers match. In the image below, I am only able to join on Student ID or do a duplicate filter, what I want to do is to make sure both columns in Table 1, Student ID with the corresponding Grades, matches in Table 2.


Could you PLEASE upload the sample data rather than a screenshot? Knimers are more likely to help if you make life easy.

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Its private company data so I cannot. Basically I want to make sure both columns match in both tables. Because we find it that sometimes when we uploaded to our system the “grades column” was not accurate. I have attached the example, so you will see on the last row for id xyz the upload is a different number. I want the node to show me which was different and which were same.
Example Data.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Try this. You can play around with Joiner configuration to change the joins.


I added a set of rules which marks each row whether it matches or not. I kept the joiner and put both in an interactive component. Let me know whether this is what you’re after. It also writes the results to the current workflow data area.


Thank you, yes I thought of something like that this morning and was about to ask. I am going to test it out and let you know.

OK. Let me know how it works.

The workflow posted I am unable to see the formula bc the node doesn’t support the version that I have. And I can’t update since I am not an admin. Can you provide (write out) the example here? I was thinking something along the lines of -

( $Student_ID$ MATCHES $Student_ID (right)$ ) & ($Grades$ MATCHES $Grades (right)$) => True
True =>$Student_ID$
True =>$Student_ID (right)$
True =>$Grades$
True =>$Grades (right)$

Out of curiousity what version of Knime are you using? As far as I know there have been no recent changes in the Rule Engine node.

NOT ($Student ID$ = $Student ID (#1)$) AND NOT ($Grades$ = $Grades (#1)$) => “ID and Grade Mismatched”
NOT ($Student ID$ = $Student ID (#1)$) => “ID Mismatched”
NOT ($Grades$ = $Grades (#1)$) => “Grade Mismatched”
TRUE => “Match”

Did my last workflow meet your needs?

Yes, I was able to make the joins work and then use the duplicate filter which showed chosen, duplicate, and unique values, and the unique values are what we needed. Thank you :slight_smile:

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