Match Value if Date stays the same

I have a table where there are multiple values for a specific date and time. These are always the same values and are written underneath, which outputs a table like:

1.1.01 00:01 20
1.1.01 00:01 10
1.1.01. 02:05 20

I want to write a “!” in every row with the same date if the value in the second column is 20 for at least one time. Is that possible?

Hi Lilly,

are the dates and the times in two separate columns or in the same one? And do you want to write the “!” in a separate column or append it to one of the existing ones?


Date and Time are in one column and I want to append a column with the “!”

I created an example workflow for you. Perhaps, there is an easier way but this should work:



Thank you very much, this works excellently!


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