Match with Either Or Values from Other Column


I want to ask how can I managed to match a value with values from other columns (more than 1 column). Let’s say I want to join 2 tables to find the barcode with this example:

Example Data.knwf (17.4 KB)


Hi @Kemuel , you can have multiple conditions for joining, and in your case, you want to have OR conditions instead of AND.

To make this distinction in the Joiner node, in the Match option, you choose:
“all of the following” for AND
“any of the following” for OR

In your case, you want to choose “any of the following”:

And you can have these 2 joins conditions:

  1. (Left Table) Product ID with (Right Table) ID
  2. (Left Table) Product ID with (Right Table) ID_2

So, with “any of the following” option, it will match any of the 2 conditions.


Wow I never modify that option on Joiner node before :blush:.

Thanks a lot for your help @bruno29a

No problem @Kemuel , happy to help

I have never noticed that setting! That is going to really simplify more complex conditional joins. Thanks @bruno29a!

No problem @iCFO , I’m happy to help. This setting is very useful indeed :wink:

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