Matching entries


If I have a column with ID’s and a table which includes an ID list and other data, the ID column are all in the table, but not all the ID’s in the table are in the column.

Is there a way to add a column to the table to identify the which rows (ID’s) are included in the column of data and which are not?

Thank you


You have Reference Row Filter node which can help you. Columns with ID’s can be reference table column and ID list from table can be Data table column and use option Exclude rows from reference table. You will be left with IDs that are not in column with IDs…

If I got it right that should work :wink:


Thank you very much for your help!

Is there a way to add another column which identifies if the row ID is included or not included in the list? Rather than only having the rows which are included or excluded.

As I would like to use that as the outcome of my classification tests.

What you can do is to use Rule engine node for this purpose. Lets say you use Exclude option in Reference Row Filter node. Then with Rule engine node add a class value to those rows. (e.g. TRUE => “In List”).

But in this case you should (maybe not - I guess it can be optimized) use Reference Row Filter node twice. Once with Exclude option and once with Include option. After Include option use Rule engine node again with expression e.g. TRUE => “Not in List”. So afterwards you will have two tables which you can concatenate using Concatenate node.

I guess :slight_smile: