Matching two excel sheets based on material numbers


currently I´m trying to match two different excel sheet. In the upper path I have filtered the suppliers which i dont need (Node 33) and grouped the regarding material numbers in the following step (Node 34). In the follwing joiner (Node 23) I tried to match these material numbers with the excel sheet from the lower path. As result I want the lower excel data without the filtered material numbers. Node 35 is basically just my prove of value, so not important for the flow.
In the settings of the Joiner I selected right antijoin. Is this even the correct operator or am I missing one?

It would be great if anybody could help me.
Thanks in advance.
BR Marcel

If you are looking to only get the bottom excel file info with all of the matched rows from the top file filtered out, then you would want to select only the field that should match above / only check the right join box.

I have included now the filtered rows and matched it again, but somehow it doesnt show me any data in the joiner.

Try the “Split Join Result Into Multiple Tables” option to better see what is happening. You can put a table viewer node on the outputs to make them easier to access. Could it be that all of the rows in the lower file match up?

Maybe you are looking for a more specific join? You can join on multiple columns for more precise matching. Perhaps there is a transaction number as well that you want to match up to get to the individual rows?

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