Matching Zip Codes to Counties

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I greatly appreciate the help you all gave me last time and now I have another one.

While this would be simpler in python, I can’t seem to figure out via nodes how to designate something to X when it matches within range Y

Example is in the topic. I’m pulling data from our database, but it doesn’t contain county names. I have a csv containing ZIP codes and their corresponding County.

What workflow or node would I need to do the matching?

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So in data from db you have zip codes and csv contains both zip codes and counties? If that is true and you want to add counties to data from db based on zip code you can use Joiner node or Cell Replacer which I prefer.

If I missed it try explaining it with some example data.


Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your input, this seems to be guiding me in the correct direction.

So here’s the query:

I have a CSV containing two columns, a ZIP code and it’s corresponding County within all 50 states.

If the query returns 91016, then the workflow needs to look that up in the csv and write to the column “Los Angeles County”

I’ve tried Joiner and I can’t really make sense of it. Cell Replacer seems like the right idea but I get null/missing values returned instead.

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i solved this. I figured out how joining (and esp inner joining) works because people kept pointing to it and I figured out how that works.

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Hi there @cmarble,

glad you made it worked!


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