Math calculate by category

Hi knimers

I have 4 columns: a Category (Bottom, Faturado, Realizado), a Date(Mês), a Value (valor) and Rolling Sum of Value.
I would like to divide the collumn with the Rolling Sum of Values considering the Categories (Bottom, Faturado, Realizado) and specific Months.

Any help here?

Hi @FabioGuimaraes,

you would like to recalculate rolling sum of values based on category and month/date or just somehow (split?) your current calculation? Screenshot is what you currently have? If so what should desired output look like?


Hi @ipazin

Bellow is a picture in excel.
I was abble to create a Moving Aggregation sum at Column “ValorAcumulado” in Knime.
Now, I need to divide the moving sum considering the diferente columns “Empresa” e “Categoria Original”.
I did it in excel as you can check.

I appreciate your support.

Hi @FabioGuimaraes,

I would go with Pivoting node to have values with same dates in same row and then use Math Formula to calculate percentage. See attached example:
2020_07_24_Pivoting_and_Percentage.knwf (13.2 KB)

To get percentages open data output port from Math Formula node, right click on column and from Available Renderers choose Percentage.



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