math formula for all adjacent columns


I have a data table with several data columns (e.g. c1, c2 , c3, …, c10). I need to calculate difference of every 2 adjacent columns and place the result in a new column:

c11= c2-c1
c12= c3-c2
c19= c10-c9

since i am not familiar with Java or Python, is there an straight solution in KNIME for this calculation. if not , i appreciate if anyone may help with java or python smany thanksnipets.

many thanks

Hi there @jalilsh,

not a solution you can easily think of but this idea from @AlexanderFillbrunn makes this task pretty easy using Column Expressions node. It was about multiplication of 2 columns with step 2 so you’ll need to modify expression a bit.

Give it a try and if you’ll need help drop me a message and I’ll create an example :wink:



Hi @ipazin,

thanks for your reply. That was a very nice solution.


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