Math formula ( How to apply summation of information in different rows? )

Hi knime comunity, i´m trying to work on a proyect ussing “math formula node” but i dont know how to use it propetly. i want to know how to make a sumatory of information in different rows but in the same column. i will share a picture showing the example of the problem.

tnks for the help :smiley:



Welcome to KNIME Forum. Does this wf math_formula.knwf (20.6 KB) do, what you are expecting?
Schermafdruk van 2023-02-16 14-11-31
gr. Hans


Thank you so much hanss for helping me on the solution, actualy im trying to apply the WF that you send to me, and it works, but in this spesific case i need to do the sumatory taking in count the decimal part of the numbers that im using. i will try to modify the solution by ussing a convertion node, you help me alot by giving me the “Group By” node once again Tnks


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