Math formula node: operate with a column inferring its name through a flow variable

Hi guys,

I'm using the math formula node and I need to operate on a column whose name can change. The changing name it's between the flow variables (i.e. “$$response_name$$”). I would expect to use the variable with something like: “$$$response_name$$$” or “$ $${Sresponse_name}$$ $”. But I couldn't make it work.

Is that possible? If it's not, could you please propose a workaround?



Workaround: create a flow variable with the formula you want replaced the column reference with the flow variable response_name and use that flow variable as the formula of Math Formula node.

Creating the formula might look like this with the Java Edit Variable node:

o_var = "1+$" + c_responseName + "$";

Cheers, gabor

Hi Gabor,

Thank you so much. The workaround works perfectly.