Math formula not linking to the previous node


I’m completely new to KNIME, so apologies if my question is simple, however, I’m having trouble connecting the Row Filter node to Math formula (multi column) node. The Math Formula node is not reading any data from the previous node that I connected it to, so I can’t apply any formulas, because there is no data?

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @rokjak0b.

It would be helpful if you posted your workflow for us to look through.
At the very least, screenshots would help.

I suspect that the column datatypes are not numbers, and so the Math Formula node won’t recognize them.


Thank you!!

My workflow is very messy as I’m still playing around with it and the nodes, but see the screenshots with what it looks like and the data from the node I’m trying to conne
ct it to

Hi @rokjak0b,
you can try to insert the String to Number Node before the Math Formula Node and convert (include) the relevant columns. Normally entries having at least one alphanumeric character then results as empty (missing).


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