Math formula warning not handled by try catch

I am trying to implement try/catch mechanism on a Math Formula node. A string value is read and the math formula try to add 12 to the value.
The node does not execute and prompts this message :
WARN Math Formula 0:46 failed to apply settings: Can’t use column “Value”, not numeric!
I don’t understand why the try/catch does not handle this kind of warnings, is there any way to catch those warnings or to desactivate them so that they don’t block the execution of the workflow?
Thanks in advanceTryCatchExample.knwf (14.8 KB)

Hi @amine,
I think currently this is not possible because the error is not thrown when the node is executed, but when it is configured. I think you have to implement your own check in the workflow to avoid the error case.
Kind regards


Hi @Amine,

the string input is the main issue for the math formula.
As a quick&dirty solution I would duplicate the string column and convert it to a numeric format (double or int). This will produce numeric values if possible (not for the “badvalues”). Then use the math formula and compare the values of the 2 columns. This will result in one string column.

Sounds complex, take a look at the attached workflow…
Z_013_try-catch.knwf (12.7 KB)

Hope this helps, regards, Tommy


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