Math node | Equation giving strange outcome

Hey all,

Never really used this node before, but I have the following equation:


11.8 / COL_SUM($Major Axis (Geometric Features 2D)$)/ROWCOUNT


I know that the right hand site of the equation evaluates to a proper number, however it seams to be impossible to divide 11.8 by this number. The result is always 0... The expected result would be 0.0156

Hi Luuk,

do you think you can make us a mini example workflow?

And if my math knowledge is right... you could try the following, should be the same: 

(ROWCOUND * 11.8) / COL_SUM($Major Axis (Geometric Features 2D)$) 

I suspect this is a rounding error...

Best, Iris 

Thanks for the tip Iris, I'll try if that works. What I was also thinking was that perhaps the datatype of the mathnode only allows for integers.