Math node if function

Hi KNIME Members,

I am not able to use the if function within the math formula node.

We have two columns: MaxPredictionValue and Holiday. The max prediction value columsn has multiple rows with a electricity usage value and the holiday column has the value 0 for not a holiday or the value 1 for when it is a holiday. I want to create a new column where we multiply the electricity usage value with 0.884 when the column holiday has a 1 in it.

Somehow I can’t get it working. Can someone show me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Try if($holiday$==1,$Prediction…$*0.884, $Prediction…$)
How about filter the rows out, create the calculated column and join it back?


Hey, your Syntax is wrong, there is no “=>” in the mathformula. Evaluation should be in the parenthesis as well. See the description of the if function for more infos


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