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Hello all you gurus.
I apologize in advance, this subject may be a complete phurphy, but I am intrigued.
Quantum Grammar (invented by David-Wynn Miller) is a grammar system that allows users to dissect any sentence and assign a number to the various word-components. This then is to prove that the sentence is either a lawful construct or fraud. For further clarification, please check url below.
For a better explanation, please see:
I presume, that Knime would be a suitable system to achieve a good outcome, but any suggestions of any other program will be appreciated. My apologies again. This is a difficult subject to describe and I thank everybody that will try to help me. Best wishes to all, Frank.

Hi @Cranky_Franky -

It looks like that particular algorithm is written in C++, so I don’t think it’s easily executed in KNIME like a Python or R script would be.

KNIME does have nodes to tag parts of speech, so maybe you could use those and then calculate the score in a method similar to what your linked algorithm does. But I confess I’ve never run across this one before :thinking:

Thank you very much for you reply. I will check out, perhaps you could suggest which nodes in Knime would be suitable, that would be a great help. Thanks again and best wishes, Frank.

The primary ones are the POS Tagger or the Stanford Tagger , which require operating on Document types (you can get these from the Strings To Document node). All are in the KNIME Textprocessing extension.

This Youtube playlist might be helpful if you’ve never tried the extension before:

You are a Champion, mate. Thank you very much for your help. I’ll try them out asap, thanks again and cheers, Frank

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