Matlab snippet does not work

Hi all,

I am new to KNIME, and used to be a Matlab user. I want to use the Matlab snippet node, but it seems that there are some problems that I need help.

My OS is Windows 7, 64 bits. Matlab is R2013b 64 bit. I downloaded the backend server for matlab, and it runs in the Matlab console.

When I tried a simple Matlab snippet, without any modification to the original code:

mOut = kIn;

Errors found in the matlab console:

>> run('D:\Matlab\mpicbg-matlab_1.1.1\bin\startserver.m')
Configuring on port: 1198
Registering with name: MatlabServer
MatlabWeb server started...
Undefined function or variable 'dataset'.
Undefined function or variable 'kIn'.

Did I miss something here? Can someone please help me?

Thanks a lot!




Do you have the statistic toolbox installed?

It looks like this is required but I will get back to you as soon as I know a bit more.


Thanks for your reply, niederle! I don't have statistic toolbox. Could you please help me to check it out? If it is required, I will ask my company to buy one.

I've checked it and currently this toolbox is required to run the Matlab-nodes. (We need to put it into the documentation).

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I finally can use matlab snippet node with statistic toolbox. Thanks!!!

However, it does not work with the node "open in Matlab". It complains

ERROR     Open in Matlab                     Execute failed: ("ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"): -1

Is it because my system is on Windows? Any insight?

I have no idea at the moment. I need to set up a Matlab installation to troubleshoot this.

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