Maximum number of columns


What is  the maximum number of columns that KNIME can load on the dialog pane.

I have a node which creates more than 50000 columns.

The spec file for the same is around 50MB.

When I link the output of this node to other nodes.KNIME hangs or the dialogpane takes a lot of time to open.

Any suggestions to optimise this would be very helpful.


There is no hard "maximum" number of columns, but the column specs are stored in memory and this can become a performance issue if table specs are large.  Often, if I need to work with a large number of columns I will try to transpose the table and work with it like that, but this is only useful if your columns are all of the same type and you have fewer rows than columns. 

One small optimization would be to increase the amount of memory available to KNIME by increasing the value of the -xmx argument in the knime.ini file in your application.  For example, on my system I have -xmx set to 6g and am able to work with 10^4 columns but it is admittedly sluggish. 

Regards, Aaron

Thank you Aaron